Shaping our future.

We are laying the foundations of a sustainable future in a world without barriers.

Who we are

We are a team of passionate professionals that provide engineering services in the building environment.

We help our clients dream of a world built on a modern basis of comfort, practicality and respectful with the environment of cities.

What we stand for

We use our expertise to reach innovative solutions for our clients´ challenges, we strive to ensure that all our designs contribute to reducing the global impact.

Our goal is to fulfill our clients’ needs from both an ethical and professional perspective so we can build long-term relationships.

We stand for the essential.


Our background

Since our beginnings in 2013, EVRO has focussed on quality and continual growth, doing our utmost to attract, develop, engage and maintain talent in our workplace.

We are both locally dedicated and internationally focussed. Indeed, our biggest strength is our ability to adapt to different cultures and markets.

From our office in Madrid, we have developed projects in twelve different countries all over the world.

How we understand engineering

21st century engineering must contribute to create safe and friendly flexible environments capable of adapting to the people who inhabit them.

Respect for the environment must be one of the pillars of both, engineers and architects, where to set the basis to design a more sustainable present and future.

In EVRO, we want to combine both premises, spaces created for people, with the absolute respect of our environment, applying all those advances and technologies that allow us to reach our goal of zero emissions.

A sustainable future is in our designs

Our greatest asset is our team of professionals.

We are part of a team composed of architects and engineers with extensive experience in BIM and great vocation.

Mechanical Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in building installation projects. BIM expert and trainer.

Alberto Sanz Montero


BIM is not the future, it is the here and now. Everyone involved in a project must actively work to achieve a fully functional parametric model. BIM is a fundamental tool for any project engineer.

Mechanical Engineer with 19 years of experience in installations in industry and construction, as well as in legal maintenance.

Beatriz García-Muro San José

Technical Manager

BIM methodology is revolutionizing the engineering sector and leading us to an all new level of excellence which we can call Engineering 4.0.