We are what we design, imagine and project.

Successing in shape our future.

We have created spaces all around the world offering multi-disciplinary services for all stages of the project lifecycle, not only for new buildings but also renovation projects.

We have designed spaces related to a wide range of sectors.

Our portfolio includes projects across Spain, and international locations including among others Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Mexico, Oman, Azerbaiyan.

Evro BIM - Best Option
Evro BIM - Entendemos BIM

How we understand BIM.

The use of BIM tools means the implementation of a new way of understanding design and workflow. It not only enables collaborative work, but it also provides the design team with an accurate tool that allows them to manage all information of the building live cycle from the very first conceptual steps, up to its demolition.

Our BIM models covers all stages of building life cycle to provide our clients to get the maximum value of their investment.

Evro BIM - Entendemos BIM

We are the best option for our clients

Evro BIM - Proyectos - Transporte y Mobilidad

Transportation and Mobility

We have designed train stations and facilities for the most important underground projects all around de world.

Evro BIM - Proyectos - Educacion

Education and Cultural

We have designed clean and safe environments to create stimulating spaces of personal growth.

Evro BIM - Proyectos - Hospitalario

Healthcare & Hospitality

We have delivered high quality projects that allow modern and comfortable spaces where to take care of people.

Evro BIM - Proyectos - Comercial

Retail & Commercial

We success in complying the expectations of our customers by creating spaces dedicated to generate retail experiences.

Evro BIM - Proyectos - Dotacional


We contribute to build cities centered on citizens and environment respectful.

Evro BIM - Proyectos - Industrial

Industry & Work Spaces

We made design process simple to contribute to create flexible and comfortable spaces to host the work teams of our clients.